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Guide to Selling your House in Prairieville LA Fast

Selling your house in Prairieville LA in today’s market could be profitable. With the flooding of more than 47,000 homes in the state of Louisiana during the Great Flood of 2017, Ascension Parish is now in a sellers market. Now, is the most profitable time to Sale your Prairieville Home.

While it is not impossible to sell you home by owner, believe it or not it can be safer, more profitable and a lot easier to hire a professional.

Hire a Professional Real Estate Agent

As experienced real estate agents, we will assist you step by step through the mine field of the selling process. We handle every aspect of selling your home so that you can concentrate on other matter like moving to your new home.

The services rendered include:

  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Client Advocacy
  • Administration

Here’s tips on how to sell your house faster in Prairieville Louisiana

Be Loud

Let the WORLD  know that you have something worth seeing. Have a plan to Market and Advertise your property and its benefits. The days of hanging a sign in the yard and finding a buyer is gone.  You have to have a real plan expose your home to the masses.

Separate yourself from the herd

Now that you’ve done the work of finding a potential buyer, you have to get them more than casually interested. You should look at your home from a buyers standpoint.

  • Does it need Repairs
  • Is it Clean
  • Does everything Work
  • How does it Look
  • How does it Smell
  • What would you change to make it more livable
  • Does the price reflect the properties condition

Be Willing to do the Little things

You get the point. The easiest was to turn a prospective buyer into a actual buyer is to provide a memorable home buyers experience. Its impossible to make up for a bad experience. Remember, buying a home is not only emotional but also financial. The home is often the most expensive item we’ll ever buy. You have one chance to get this right. The this listed above are low-cost high impact items to consider.  In some cases it may be necessary to remodel a kitchen, bath or other living spaces to make the property more appealing.

Spring Clean and De-clutter

This goes under the bullet point of “How Does It Look”.  Remember, this is No Longer your home. This a house that are preparing for it new owners. If you were to sell your car for top dollar, you’d probably wash and wax it. Additionally, you’d take out all the personal item in the glove compartment and the trunk. It stands to reason that you would do the same for a house that your selling for Top Dollar.

  • Cut the Grass
  • Pressure wash the house and drive way
  • Paint the outside if necessary
  • Freshen up the Flower Beds
  • Clean and box up items such as personal photos, books and extra dishes
  • Improve the space in your home by removing some pieces of large furniture
  • Leave cabinet and counter tops sparse and clean
  • Pressure wash the house and drive way

Update the flooring

I mentioned before that some improvement may be necessary.  All carpeting must be steam-cleaned, linoleum washed, and wood polished. If necessary, refinish or recover the floors. One of the biggest turn offs to perspective home buyers are poorly maintained flooring.

How does it Smell

Along the them e of spring cleaning, it is extremely important provide a positive atmosphere when buyers are considering your house in Prairieville LA. As inhabitants of our own environment (home) we get used to the different smells we’ve created.  We typically do not notice our own unpleasant pets odors, robust seasonings or stale food. However we tend to notice when visiting a friend or family members.  As adults we still remember the smell of grandmas house for good or for bad. The smell of you home can make or break a deal. Get trusted third party validation of the way your home smells. Ask the friends of your children.

How to lessen the effect of a smelly house

  • Wash pets regularly
  • Tone down the spices while cooking
  • No Smoking in the house
  • Get rid of these offending scents
  • Air the property regularly
  • Use scented candles, flowers, and oil lamps to fill the rooms of the house with subtle but enticing odors.

Get a Selling Agent

Find a Realtor who understands marketing. Keith Lawrence Group knows the market and how to sell your home. We have various Prairieville LA properties for sale. With the use of today’s technology, we know how to market most efficiently for top dollar. We use a variety of tools to increase the visibility of your home and draw attention to it. Trust us to use every marketing tool available to help you sell your house quickly and for the highest and best price.

Offer something of value

Its no secret that people like free stuff.While you are not into selling your home to get money away. There’s a reasonable expectation that depending on the price point of you home (Low to Medium under $300,000), buyer may ask for closing cost assistance. This is a great point of negotiation and can provide you leverage.

  • Be aware of opportunities to sell your home
  • Know that the highest price is not always the best deal
  • Be willing to negotiate

Why choose The Keith Lawrence Group  as your Selling Agent in Prairieville, Louisiana

With 22 years of Real Estate experience, from buying, selling and real estate investing since early 1990’s. We know the business of real estate. eXp Realty provides a portal for international marketing to expose and potentially selling your home. Keith Lawrence is the right Prairieville real estate agent to sell your home.

Call The Lawrence Group at 985-260-2789

We at the Keith Lawrence Realty Group, provide a full range of residential real estate services to help you buy, sell, rent, or relocate to Prairieville Louisiana.

We will happily assist you through the entire selling and home buying process. From searching to finding, negotiating and to giving you the keys to your perfect “Home”. Having an eXp Realty Representative on your side, we will ensure you that you will be competent to make the most of your time, efforts and energy as well as your buying power! Contact us “The Lawrence Group – Your Prairieville Realtor Today”.