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The importance of Real Estate Agents to both Sell/Buy a House

Real estate agents are really popular nowadays as intermediaries between sellers and buyers of a real estate property; they make ease the process for buyers to find the house of their dreams and the sellers to find the perfect buyer for the perfect price.

Real Estate Agents - Prairieville LA Homes for Sale | Listing Agent - Keith Lawrence 985-260-2789Although there are common misunderstandings about real estate agents, brokers, and realtors that have to be clarified. They all three offer real estate services with some differences.

The real estate agents are professionals that have gone through classes and tests to be licensed in the field and in the state or area in which they have taken the courses.

A realtor goes a little bit beyond a real estate agent because they have to defend a “code of ethics”. And they are official members of the National Association of Realtors which is an organization of real estate brokers.

Finally, the real estate brokers that are on the top of the chain, these professionals have to take a licensing exam to become brokers. The best feature of being a broker is that they can work by they own or have real estate agents to work for them.

Being said that we are going to mentioned what are the benefits and functions of a real estate agent for both buy and sell a house or property

Duties of a Real Estate Agent

Like it was mentioned before, real estate agents can work for both buyers and sellers. Depending on for whom they are working for and within the parameters of the law they do different functions.

From the side of sellers, they make a first overall inspection to the house in order to determine the price in which can the property can be sold, they also can provide tips and recommendations to the sellers to increase the total value of the home such as, remodeling or improvement of some areas.

When it comes to the buyers, real estate agent make a study of the financial situation of the buyers as well as recommendations in order to get a house for the best price possible depending on their budget and necessities, they also make much easier the transitions to get a house looking the perfect property that fit the tastes and necessities of the buyer.

In both cases, real estate agent gets paid by commissions, when they help sell or buy a property they get a part depending on the total price of the property, the more the price the better the commission.

Benefits of getting a Real Estate Agent

You have to keep in mind, that real estate agents have to know everything. “Not only about the house but the community”, area etc. Many people make mistakes when selling or buying their home by not involving a realtor. We real estate agents can save you from needless litigation. 

Among the benefits of a real estate agent we can find:

  • Networking, real estate agent work with many professional in the field which means they can provide you with potential buyers or sellers depending on your occasion.

  • Negotiation skills are really helpful for both buyers and sellers, these agents can make the best negotiation for you and your real estate.

  • Documentation and paperwork, an annoy task to do when selling a house is the paperwork, with a real estate agent you don’t have to worry about that.

  • Save of time, real estate agents make you save a lot of time. Especially is you are a seller because you don’t have to go and show your house to potential buyers every time someone is interested.


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