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Houses for Sale in Prairieville LA

Learn more about houses for sale in Prairieville LA. The Keith Lawrence Group of eXp Realty First Choice Realty helps you in your search of finding your dream home. It doesn’t matter if you are a nuclear family, a house full, a retiree, or seeking a rental home. We have everything under one roof for all your residential and property needs.

A renowned name among established Prairieville real estate agents, eXp Realty First Choice helps you find updated Prairieville houses for sale. All of which are listed on the Prairieville MLS. The system is designed to do in-depth Prairieville property search with updated details about the houses for sale in Prairieville LA. Properties here range from single family homes, horse properties, foreclosures, private villas, cheap condos and other luxury homes.

Ranked as one of the best places to reside in America by Money Magazine. Prairieville real estate has high community standards and is one of the top housing markets in Central Louisiana. With us, you can find a wide range of houses for sale in Prairieville LA for a good price.

Sell Your Prairieville Home

If you want to sell your Prairieville home, The Keith Lawrence Group from eXp Realty has the expertise to provide you with all market information that you may need.

Selling a home can be a stressful experience. However, if proper preparation is made and well-planned decisions are made along the way, it can be made smooth and relaxing. This is why we help our clients walk through all the necessary steps to make sure they get the best price for their property.

  • We Help Set the Best Price for Prairieville Houses for Sale

The Keith Lawrence Group offers guidance and complete assistance in undertaking all the research and paperwork involved in making the sales deal as well as play a key role in helping you set the prices – the right prices.

Pricing the property is the most significant part of making a sales deal. Today’s buyer is not only well informed but also has tons of options available to choose from. The Keith Lawrence Group, with all of their expertise and real estate market knowledge, can help you decide a mutually agreeable price for the property to yield good profit yet be realistic enough for the buyer to actually make the sales deal.

  • We Help You with All the Paper Work

 To make the final sale, you need to have complete documents and information on all the major refurbishing or repair work done around the house. We can help you gather all the necessary documents and do paperwork.

If you are equipped with all the necessary documentation, it will attract more potential buyers to your piece of property as it will be ranked as more detailed from the rest.

When is the right time to Sell your Prairieville Home?

  • We Help You Choose the Right Time to Sell

Although you may be tempted to make the sale as and when you desire, however, it is always better to wait for the most lucrative times. Spring season i.e. the months from March to May are the most profitable months for the sellers. This is the time the house is at its best, with no snow covered porches and other messes, the house can be completely shown off during this season. Our Prairieville LA real estate agents can provide further guidance to you on this subject.

  • We Help You Make Your House Ready for the Sale

Remember, the first impression is the last. Make your house appealing to all those buyers who come in to examine the house. Remember, they want to live in that house, so make it homely and desirable for them. Of course, you don’t have to go overboard with the preparations, but just a few low-cost preparations like cleaning, de-cluttering, leaving no dirty dishes in the sink for their view, etc. wouldn’t hurt.

First Time Home Buyer

One of the toughest decisions one has to face in a lifetime is buying a house. We and our professional real estate agents can help you find your dream place, especially if you are a first time home buyers in Prairieville LA.

Working with The Keith Lawrence Group of eXp Realty, we make Prairieville property search easier for people looking for houses for sale in Prairieville LA. With access to wide range of Prairieville real estate for sale, you can find the best option for your family in no time with us.

All you need is to inform us with the few basic guidelines about your needs when you are in search for homes for sale in Prairieville LA.

Type of Home

What is the size of the house, depending on your family size, finances, and long-term plans, you are looking for? Remember, real estate investment is a long-standing investment.

Any Other Factors

Remember, you never buy a house in isolation. The neighborhood, the location, infrastructure, closure to other localities and local markets, everything will ultimately affect your lifestyle and comfort. Let us know about all your prime requisites and concerns regarding the area you want to settle in and we will make sure to find the property accordingly.

We Can Provide Financing Assistance

We recommend to research thoroughly before jumping into any ludicrous deal instantly. Use our Prairieville Mortgage Calculator and get a solid idea of what you are getting into. It will help you find the overall actual cost of the house as well as the monthly payments that will be made.

Let us know about your affordability. Also, in case of credit rating issues, we can also help you find a quality mortgage broker who can assist in boosting your score or refer you directly to lenders who are not completely driven by credit scores.

For financial assistance, we have two running programs:

  1. Down Payment Assistance Program: It offers up to $7500 for the first time home buyers. There are of course some requirements like family size and annual income to avail the complete offer
  2. USDA Loan: One of our preferred lenders offers this with a tax deduction, which allows the first time home buyer to add an extra $2000 to their income.

Working with an Prairieville Professional Real Estate Agent Helps!

Simply put, to get the best value for your money, employ our Real estate agents, and leave all your troubles to them. It will help reduce all the hassle and stress involved in doing all necessary research work. Our agents are completely trained to help you find the best Prairieville houses for sale, provide you with the most feasible offers, seller negotiations, loan management as well as in taking care of all the paperwork involved.

Once you have dealt with all the above factors, you are just five steps away from buying your dream home.

Step 1: Keep a check on the Prairieville MLS Listings and do a thorough Prairieville property search. Shortlist the ones which seem the most suitable for you, as per the above-mentioned factors. If in case, you cannot find any, contact our agents with your list of requirements and let us do the research work.

Step 2: Choose a financing option. If you qualify for any state-backed loans or special financing programs, enroll in those. Else, our agents can assist you in finding such options and in all other paperwork involved.

Step 3: Due to the high market activity, and lucrative market area, you need to be proactive in making an offer for your dream place. Our experts can help you in making the most irresistible offers for the sellers.

Step 4: With us, you can rest assured; all property is professionally inspected before the final sale is made.

Step 5: Finally, if the inspection goes well, you can close the deal. Our experts are there to guide you through every step and make the process as hassle-free as possible for you to relax and own your new home.

Call us now at 985-260-2789 for all your real estate needs and for further details.

One of the Best Prairieville Realtors is here to assist!

A Realtor plays a prime role in helping you find the best property deals and ensuring the whole process goes as smooth and trouble free as possible.

The Keith Lawrence Groups are a group of highly experienced Prairieville Realtors with over 30 combined years of professional service is the best bet in the industry. With a professional and devoted Group of real estate agents under him, you will no longer need to depend on other advice and concerns of friends or other work associates.

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Prairieville MLS Lists are instantly updated to provide you with the newest offerings for houses for sale in Prairieville LA around the clock. You can even create email alerts for your convenience to get updated emails as soon as a new Prairieville house is up for sale.

We have all the technical and market knowledge about home buyers and homeowners and access to the market details drawn from the Ascension Parish property records with the recent real estate sales in Prairieville to know the exact property prices.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your phones fast and call today. Ranked as the Number One real estate agency in Ascension Parish, we provide you with the finest service that you deserve.

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Accordingly, We will happily assist you through the entire selling and home buying process. From searching to finding, negotiating and to giving you the keys to your perfect “Home”. Having an eXp Realty Representative on your side, we will ensure you that you will be competent to make the most of your time, efforts and energy as well as your buying power! Contact us “The Lawrence Group – Your Prairieville Realtor Today”.